The Leystone Path

Our path makes us a different kind of Insurance Company

What’s most important to you?

Is it providing for your employees?

Making sure your organization is protected?

Ensuring the financial future of your team?

The truth is, what’s most important to you will be different than what’s important to anyone else. So the solution needs to be unique as well.

In everything we do, we make sure we’re aligning what’s most important to you. We’re focused on the foundation you’re building.

This is all about you. And only you.

Ultimately, this isn’t about us or the insurance companies or all of the available plans that are out there. It’s about you:

  • Only you know what you need. You may need help figuring out how to get it or how to shape the right solution, but you know what matters most and what you need to protect.
  • You know who you want to work with. When it comes to protecting what matters most, you’d better be in the right relationship. Let’s have an honest conversation about what you need, and then you tell us if the fit is right.
  • You know who you trust. Trust is earned—in the little things and the big things. This is too important for you to enter a relationship without it. We can’t tell you to trust us, that’s something only you can do. But we encourage you to find out about us, then do what’s right for you.

“Are you going to be there when I need you?”

This is the real question and we want you to test us.

Talk to our clients.

Talk to our team.

Grill us about what happens as time goes by. Make us give you examples about what happens when you make a claim. Ask us whose side we’re on. See how available we are.

You have to know.

Being there for you when you need us most is key. But we’re also there for you and the people you care about during the day-to-day.

For example, if you need a Benefits Program, we know that the relationships with the staff are just as important as the relationships with the key decision makers. Your employees have questions and often need to know how to make the best use of the options that have been provided to them. We’re there to support them.

We provide Learning Sessions for your team to explain the benefits you’re providing them.

We go through every component of their plan to explain exactly how it works for them.

We’ll go through their group RRSP and pension plans to show how they’re providing for their future. And we make sure that all of it is in plain language that everyone understands clearly.

Also, we’re always available for individual conversations with you and with any other individuals who have specific questions that they would rather ask in a more confidential manner.

It’s not ONLY about the relationship

Let’s face it, everyone says, “It’s all about the relationship”. And they’re right in that the relationship is at the heart everything we do. But it’s not only about the relationship. Here’s why.

It’s also about the math.

To protect what matters most, you have to make sure the numbers make sense. For example, if you know that establishing an employee benefits program is the right thing for your organization, then you have to put the RIGHT model in place—not just ANY model.

Once that plan’s in place, we can analyze the claiming patterns of your employees and evaluate them against each insurer’s target loss ratio, to determine which benefit plan design is best for you and your employees.

It gives you your own analytical model that we turn into an annual Financial Report. This means you can ensure that you’re paying the least amount for the right coverage. It keeps premiums in check and makes sure the entire plan is operating effectively.

The truth is, we value the relationship with you so much that we have to make sure the math is right.