About Us

The Leystone Story

Ley Lines occur when important geographic and cultural places are aligned, creating ancient, straight pathways. Cornerstones are the first stones set in the foundation of a building. They determine the position of every other stone and the stability of the entire structure.

Leystone brings those two powerful concepts together—alignment and stability. We’ve been in this business since 1977—more than thirty-five years. We’ve seen organizations come and go. We’ve seen incredible successes and heart breaking tragedies.

The people and the organizations that are best able to capitalize on their successes and weather the tough times are those who have taken the time to align what’s most important to them and set a stable foundation.

Direction. Protection.

When we decided to take the next step with our business, we knew our new name had to reflect the direction and evolution of our company.

When it comes to protecting your family, your employees, and your organization, stability is a must. You need the kind of protection that’s grounded in a rock-solid foundation of support you know will be there when you need it most.

That’s our commitment to you.

What does it take to Get This Right?

Even with over thirty-five years in this business, there’s always more to learn.

Anyone who claims to be able to protect what matters most to you has to be more than up-to-date. They need to be driven to know exactly what’s happening in the industry today and—even more importantly—where the industry’s going.

This is serious for us. Here’s what it takes, and here’s what we do:

  • Our entire team is involved in professional development programs—events, webinars, and teleconferences—that are put on by leading educational organizations in the industry, insurers, professional organizations, and others.
  • We’re involved in the Executive Councils where we are actively shaping the professional development of our field.
  • We are members of the Ottawa Estate Planning Council.
  • We’re invited as recognized leaders to participate in events that are limited to the top thinkers and performers in the industry.
  • We’re at the major national and international conferences to wrap our minds around the most effective practices.
  • Each person on our team has a personalized professional development plan that they are consistently working through to strengthen their knowledge.

We’ve been in this business so long, that when new changes emerge (such as regulatory changes) we typically hear about them in advance and often help to shape them before they come into effect.

The Benefits Alliance Group

Leystone Insurance & Financial Inc. is a proud member of The Benefits Alliance Group.

The Benefits Alliance Group is Canada’s largest firm of independent benefits advisors. They provide superior advice on the design and management of group insurance and retirement plans.

Founded in 1998, The Benefits Alliance Group was created to give employers of all sizes access to the collective intelligence and buying power of a national network of industry experts. They share benefit trends, insights and leverage our in-depth knowledge of the marketplace to provide our clients with the best solutions. We have also created specialized products and services available only through The Benefits Alliance Group.

“We don’t just keep up-to-date on regulatory changes, we help shape them.”

We would be pleased to review your current plan and suggest improvements.